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A question that many people outside the legal profession ask is whether dating a lawyer can be a trying experience. The answer is that dating an attorney is difficult for many people, particularly those who work long hours themselves or have rather inflexible schedules that make creating changes challenging to say the least.

While many TV shows depict lawyers in love, the truth is that many attorneys wind updating each other if only because they are the only ones who understand their long work schedule and many different duties that are required of their profession.

So, what exactly makes lawyer dating a trying affair? There are many reasons that start with the field that the lawyer is in. So, here are four reasons why dating a lawyer can be difficult.

  • Schedule: This is arguably the biggest stumbling block to dating an attorney in that they will often work 50 to 60 hour work weeks unless they are the head of a firm or perhaps work for a company that does not require such a time commitment. Unless you have a flexible schedule, it can be difficult, if not impossible in terms of finding the time to date a lawyer.
  • Amount of Time: In addition to the number of hours they work, dating a lawyer can also be difficult in the time that they have for you. Spare time is few and far between with dedicated lawyers which mean that even lunch dates can be difficult to get in much time. Lawyers have a special bond with their clients which means that they will spend every hour they can work for them if at all possible.
  • Dedication to Work: Their dedication can often get in the way of their free time. It’s another reason why lawyer dating is difficult even when you can spend time with them because their minds are often on their client, the case, or the work they have to accomplish. It’s one reason why so many lawyers in love often get married before or during law school because they know that dating during their actual practicing of the law can be quite difficult.
  • Reputation: A more subtle difficulty when it comes to dating a lawyer is that their reputation stays with them no matter where they go. The reputation of a lawyer is such that they are rarely seen in public in anything less than neatly dressed, even when relaxing. This means that you will need to adjust your standards to theirs in order to successfully date.

Although dating an attorney has its difficulties, it is still possible if both of you are willing to make some compromises. First, pick one day each week where both of you have at least a little time to spare and schedule it so that you have a date. Second, make the place you spend time close so that travel is not an issue. Finally, if you get to a more serious point in your relationship, start planning some vacation time together.


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