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Dating is an interesting game that comes with several different options and parameters depending on whom you want to date. There might be instances when you feel yourself following for physical attributes and otherwise you might find intelligence attractive. When it comes to dating a lawyer you can expect a great intellect and fed by good looks it becomes a deadly combination. Because they easily get suspicious about everything around them. You'd now only have to adapt to their lifestyle but also ensure you compliment them in every aspect. Then what is it like to date with a lawyer?


A lawyer is always up for challenges and so if you want to date one you can be sure of finding challenges ahead. The relationship with a lawyer is sure to last long and always remain interesting. He will not let you down and will help you polishing your brains always. Whether it is a simple puzzle or career related questions or you talk about things that aren’t easy to understand, your lawyer boyfriend will definitely be able to help you out with everything and that too in a very smart and full proof manner. He will be there to advice you on all the legal aspects and will help you take rational decisions. These factors obviously make dating a lawyer sound like serious thing but then it can be a lot of fun.


To date a lawyer you need to be a patient listener but even if you are not you are sure to become one. As lawyers need to work through their words, they are fluent, forcible and elegant in their speaking. They work in a manner that is convincing and so you are sure to get convinced of what ever he tells you. This makes lawyers smart and so they can help you in any tough situation too by making things easy to handle through their knowledge and art of convincing others of whatever they say.

Financially secure and conflict resolving

Lawyers are rich and they are really excessively rich. It is not easy to mold the other person and transform his views completely and this is what lawyers do. This makes them charge high fees and makes them rich. They are also aware about the expenses and other legalities and so it helps them in gaining an advantage over others in financial issues. This is why you need not to worry about finances ever. It is also possible that you get into a conflict with them or others but since lawyers are good at handling these issues so you can easily get yourself out of a difficult situation like this too.


  • Time Management: You will need to plan your time carefully around what the lawyer does during the week. The good news is that weekends should be more open depending on how much casework they have to complete. However, you may find that Friday nights are difficult for some lawyers as they often use this time to catch up and finish what needs to be done before the weekend starts.
  • Lunch Dates: Lunch is also a good time for lawyer dating, especially if they are working cases in court. Quite often, lawyers will make time during the lunch hour in order to catch a break from their long, daily routine. If you can, try to do some lawyer dating over this period of time and you might find yourself really enjoying these quick, lunch dates.
  • Appearance: The suit is part of the lawyer’s calling card even when they are not working. This is especially true for lawyers who represent clients as their reputation is vital to getting new business. This means that you will need to dress appropriately for the occasion and present an image similar to the lawyer if possible. This does not mean you have to overhaul your style, but it does mean that you need to have a clean appearance when out on a date.
  • Vacation: If your lawyer dating has progressed to the point where spending a few days together is something that you are comfortable with doing, planning vacations is a good start. They do not need to be long trips and in fact taking a single extra day off like Monday or Friday can make for a great three-day weekend that both of you will thoroughly enjoy. Many lawyers make a considerable amount of money, so you can plan on going someplace special if you so desire.
  • Patience: There may be times when trying to date a lawyer that they will need to spend more time at work, talking to a client, or having to leave in order to take care of an important issue. Just like doctors can be on-call, so can lawyers depending on the specialty that they have chosen to pursue. Even contract lawyers can find themselves working overtime and having to change their plans if something new has come up.
  • See New Things: One really good aspect about lawyers as elite singles is that they attend a lot of great functions and lead excellent lifestyles. You can find yourself dating a lawyer and meeting many new, interesting people in the process. So, go out and have fun, keep things light and you will have a great time.

Dating a lawyer is certainly not every person's cup of tea. Successfully dating a lawyer means having the patience to work with their schedule and dressing up for the occasions that you do go out. Lawyer dating can be a lot of fun and a great adventure if you keep in mind the right rules to date a lawyer.


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