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lawyer dating advantage

Love or a relationship with someone special always gives a cozy feel. Cuddling, sharing, and happiness keep everyone energized. If you are looking for a partner, with whom you can communicate using special eye-code when other people are around, means you are looking for an exciting date. Generally dating someone from a specific profession generally has no special importance. Well, dating a lawyer is little different.


The time-consuming task of being an attorney means that lawyer dating takes on a different perspective than many other jobs. However, there are some rewards to dating a lawyer.

  • Stand Up For You: Lawyers know how to present themselves well to keep up the charm. As you date a financially safe and sound lawyer, you would surely leave a great impression on your friends and colleagues. They can stand up for you, even if you go wrong. People in this profession enjoy interesting social events. They are experienced negotiators with good memories and outclass at conflict resolution. Your date will have interesting stories of life experience. They are persuasive and very insightful when it comes to reading another person’s character. You can learn valuable arguing skills that would help you getting yourself out of jams. Your parents would be impressed; a lawyer in the family is always welcomed!
  • Income & Security: Virtually all lawyers make a healthy income that provides a great sense of security in terms of their position. This is because lawyers are well educated and their services are in high demand whether they work for the government in prosecuting cases, defend clients, work in contract law, or represent a company. A lawyer in good standing is not only one that will make a considerable amount of money, but will also be in demand even if they lose their current employment.
  • Dedication: Being a lawyer can be a trying experience given the duties that they must perform on a daily basis. It takes a certain dedication to become an attorney which means that the good ones are dedicated to their craft. Being dedicated to the ideals of defending someone in court, working for the government or other entity, creating contracts, will, and so forth takes a person of good, moral character and a strong work ethic in order to do the job right.
  • Social Conscious: There are many professions that pay a considerable amount of money, yet few offer the chance for those with a true social conscious to flourish. Defending a client in court or the law depending on the side chosen is a profession geared towards the improvement of people overall. Even those that represent companies or write up contract law are doing so out of the sense of consciousness and caring for those they represent. While not all lawyers are perfect, the vast majority take pride in their profession and the impact it has on society.
  • Lawyers Love Arguments and Discussions therefore You Will Never Get Bored: Dating a lawyer will guarantee you that you'll never get bored instead be completely entertained by their arguments and discussions as well as their good stories. With lawyer dating, you will surely learn lots of new things. With him, there will certainly be no dull moments.
  • Lawyers are Hard Workers: Lawyers definitely know the real meaning and value of hard works. Lawyers can be your perfect date and can also be a perfect partner. If you are looking for a serious relationship, which usually blossoms from lawyer dating at times , a lawyer is the one you are looking since he is a type of person that do not usually quit even if things get though. One downside of lawyer dating is that lawyers are busiest individuals so you rarely see them but for some, this is a positive relationship points since not seeing someone more often add some sense of thrill and excitement.
  • Lawyers are Well-mannered and Witty: Lawyers will surely impress you each time they speak. If you engage yourself into lawyer dating, your friends will surely be envious of you.


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The challenges are not only for those who want to date a lawyer, but it’s seems like a common theme with lawyers who may be highly successful in court, but often have difficulties with falling and staying in love. It is true that many lawyers have been married and divorced more than once while some never get married at all. There are many reasons for why lawyer marriage are more difficult for those in this profession.

Time Commitment

Far and away the biggest reason why dating an attorney can be so difficult is the time commitment they have made to the profession. A lawyer who takes on clients will spend well above 50 to 60 hours a week working for them in the office and in court. It is difficult to date, much less forge a relationship with someone who has so little time to spend outside of their profession. It’s not that lawyers lack relationship-building skills however their overworked, overburdened and squeezed time leads to intimacy breakdowns. Lawyers hardly manage time as they are busy competing against money and clients for this is what is constantly in their mind. A lawyer generally follows the same habit and you will never win an argument. Never Ever! People in this profession take winning sincerely, and even if it were a simple debate, they would try to establish their thoughts. Lawyers generally need to work late night so has less time to mingle regularly. Generally while you date a lawyer you feel as if you are talking to a prosecutor or defense attorney all hyped up and argumentative. They generally find it hard to switch to a different mindset at the end of the work


When you consider that most lawyers will spend much of their early years establishing themselves in the practice, they often do not have the chance for much in the way of dating. Quite often, their dating skills are pretty poor as their profession has taken priority in their lives. This is often why lawyers in love get married without really having the relationship skills necessary to sustain their marriage.


Generally speaking, the better the lawyer is as their craft, the more difficult it is when it comes to dating an attorney. Lawyers are often so dedicated to their clients that few other things enter their mind. So, it is not all that surprising that dating a lawyer can be a trying experience. However, this should not be seen as necessary all bad as there is something noble about being dedicated to your profession.

Lack of Time

Of course, the most common issue about lawyer dating is the time they have to engage in such activities. It takes a creative couple to find the time needed to develop a relationship when one is a lawyer. Quite often, lawyer dating takes place over lunch breaks and other times of the day because that is when the lawyer is available. Unfortunately, there are many people who cannot keep such hours which makes dating lawyers a difficult endeavor.


Another smaller, but important factor is that lawyers carry with them their reputation both when working and when relaxing. While most other people can let their hair down so to speak, it can be more difficult for a lawyer since they do not want their personal life to create a different perception of who they are and negatively affect their reputation.


awyer dating can be a little difficult at times due to the time needed for them to effectively pursue their profession. However, lawyers generally have a packed schedule and they therefore hardly manage time to be at public places. which is why they often win in court, but not in love. For many attorneys who are dedicated to their profession, finding the right balance between work and building a relationship can be quite trying to say the least. However, the good news is that there are examples where lawyers have been able to strike the right balance and succeed at both. When they look for a dating partner, they generally upload their pictures and profile in a reputed online match-making site. If you are planning to date a lawyer; you can simply register with dependable online dating websites. Prepare to have spirited conversations and have a flexible approach to dating.


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