Tips for The Younger Women and Older Men Relationship

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Younger women- older men relationships are not uncommon but both the partners need to contribute to maintain the relationship. This article will offer some helpful tips from younger women and older men both aspects.

Advice for Younger Women

So you are dating an older man. You need not panic now since you are already into it, but follow these tips to make sure your relationship goes just right.

  • Be patient: An older man will have more responsibilities than his younger counterparts. He will generally have a tight schedule and many a time cannot find time to reply to your messages. You need to understand this and come up with a schedule that works well for both of you. Don't imagine things if he is not giving you attention.
  • Do not talk about your/his age: Do not make a joke of his age. This might do more harm than good. It is fine once in a while but bringing it up time and again will make your partner feel he's old.
  • Talk about your broader interests: Your friends might not talk about buying a new home or car with their partners but you can, and your man would love you for that. He is more matured and would like to engage in a sensible and practical conversation.
  • Exhibit your domestic skills: Show to your man that you can cook marvelously; cook his favorite dish and show that you care for him. Older men appreciate women that are good in the kitchen.

Advice for Older Men Dating Younger Women

As you are older than your partner, you will need to be more matured and handle things rationally.

  • Show off your strengths: Display your strengths by leading conversations and set the commanding tone however make sure to listen to her opinions and suggestions. A woman is more attracted to a man with leadership skills.
  • Sophisticated look: Do not portray your 'dad' look; instead dress stylish, in a way that attracts your young partner. Wear perfect fitting casual shirt with a pair of jeans and shoes. The idea here is to not look 'younger' but to look successful and established with a unique style.
  • Do not apologize unnecessarily: Some older men make this mistake of apologizing to their young partners for no reason. Never ever do this. Stand up to your narrative but show that you still love her.
  • Travel: Women like travel. Go out and spend some great time together to understand one another better. This will also help you come out of the age-gap aspect if you still have on your mind.

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